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Building Coaching Cultures!
Read more on how the research supports building a coaching culture in your company.

    • Organic and budget-friendly
    • A customizable leadership competency model that supports your core competencies and business objectives
    • Provides a Performance Architecture solution for organizations of any size
    • Gives organizations consistent language on all aspects of talent management: resources hiring and on-boarding, performance management, leadership training, succession planning and career developement
    • Marries with any organizations’s values and beliefs
    • Creates sustainable results in leadership competency development
    • Proven results with hundreds of non-profit leaders, US Government agencies, and global for-profit organizations
    • Adaptable to individual and team coaching agendas
    • Systems Approach provides a coaching program that benefits an entire organization

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to discuss your client’s current needs, and learn how you can use the new “white-labeled” SKL to improve your coaching results with leaders.

Our New Strategic Partnership Offer

You Are (at least one of these):

  • An executive coach
  • Leadership or training expert
  • HR professional, manager, leader

Do you:

  • Want a proven, successful structure and a framework for getting bottom-line leadership improvement results individually?
  • Want to build leadership competencies in individuals, teams and cascade it to an entire organization in a way that can impact the bottom line?
  • Want a program that has proven results for a systems approach to talent management?

Our Skill Kit for Leaders: “Real-Time” Resources for Building Leadership Competency is now available as “White Label” product* at a super competitive price.

Our Strategic Partners:

  • Can realize 40% of the price of the sale of the White Label SKL
    program to any organization.
  • Have a chance to work with the successful SKL program with their clients to build  systemic leadership development and bottom-line business results, and increase their book of business.
  • Have access to implementation support or are able to set up Mentor-coaching with certified Mentor coach Diane Foster.  They avoid potential barriers, and enhance their expertise.
  • Have access to presentation templates, power points; doing customized 360’s; work with our certifications to deliver a “Corporate Coaching Clinic” as the engine to drive the program, and the Highlands Ability Battery Leadership Assessment, EQ-I 2.0 assessments (can include a 360), the Panoramic Feedback customizable 360, and other tools)

Read About Features and Benefits of the “White Label” SKL Program

    1. Incredibly flexible, totally customizable program allows you to support and improve any existing models of coaching and training or introduce a whole new leadership coaching culture. Program has been used successfully in Fortune 100 companies as well as very small non-profits.   Use in individual or group coaching or support your client’s self-study.
      (Has been successfully tied into Emotional Intelligence programs; supported performance improvement programs that improved morale; introduced to support competency-modeling, and used with established leadership competencies).
    2. Lowest price points for organizations beats all major competitors using Harvard’s research for leadership core-competency development (Leadership Architect; Development Dimensions International, Center for Creative Leadership, etc.)
    3. Robust electronic skill competency development units described by clients as the deepest and most wide-ranging variety of tools for leaders: actual activities for you to offer to improve a competency, live-links to websites and video-clips to tap best-in-class teaching or short exercises, selective bibliography for you to quickly suggest to your client, quick tips for the super busy leader.
    4. A program to offer super-busy clients for guided autonomy in leadership skill building, which is used successfully with or without coaching.  (Clients receive robust, comprehensive resources with the self-study units for achieving their performance and development goals on 42 different competencies).

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Our Strategic Partners get results with our new method of obtaining the SKL program.

  1. Call Diane– 510-865-3695– to discuss your client’s current needs, your vision, and our pricing structure.
  2. Sign Up for ICF Approved Coaching Series: “Facilitating ‘Real-Time’ Results for Leadership Competency Development”  Seven, 90 minute ZOOM Webinar sessions beginning Monday, Oct. 30th at 5:00 PST

*White Label: Clients receive all rights to whole program:

  • Purchasers have total rights to put their own logo on the program, acknowledging Diane Foster as the author.
  • They use it as they see fit with all of their own talent management activities.
  • Individual coaches purchase one copy and use it to resource their own
    work with leaders to support their development goals.
  • Organizations purchase it at a price dependent on organization size.