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The Skill Kit For Leaders Program and Materials

The Skill Kit for Leaders (SKL) core-competency program, is based on the belief that leaders need to “practice” the leadership, behavioral-based competencies that research shows will advance their careers and the success of the organization. Busy leaders don’t have time to come up with these activities and resources themselves. They need practices that can be customized to their work-sites, and used “real-time,” on-the job, to build these leadership “muscles.” And, they need support for gauging their progress on behavior changes that make a difference. The robust, comprehensive, SKL 42 Leadership Competency Resource units and “Tool-Kit” for working with it, provides the customized solution for any leader in any role, in any size organization.

The Skill Kit for Leaders Program (SKL) is known as a highly-validated, proven, but budget-friendly program to resource leadership competency development. It is electronically-delivered and pass-word protected, and its units and tools can be used on mobile devices. The SKL has evolved from over 25 years of work in leadership and organization development coaching and consulting. It is based on the same Harvard Leadership Studies that have been a foundation for most competency models.

Proven Results:

  • 40 organizations of every type and size.
  • Building “Coaching Cultures” that cascade leadership competency development and has even doubled productivity in an agency of the US government.
  • Providing rich support for Strengths-Based Development Plans and achieving real behavior change.
  • Resourcing internal training programs for on-going application of learning.
  • Resourcing internal coaches with their clients to improve committed “action-planning” follow-through.

The SKL’s 42 robust resource units each includes:
  • Clear definition of that competency
  • Customizable, “Real-Time” practice activities to build competency on the job and a second list for personal time use.
  • Screened bibliography and reading list to broaden your understanding.
  • Suggested external trainings that have helped other leaders
  • Website links for more resources and further study
  • Video clips (Ted-Talks and You-Tube) for visual learners
    Quick-Tips list for ease of carrying suggestions with you.
  • Quotes about use of this particular competency to emphasize its importance.
A Robust Tool Box
  • A “Road-Map” for Self-Study use
  • Self-Study Guide
  • Compiled List of 42 SKL definitions
  • Self-study Skill-Analyzer to support your choice of focus
  • A Development Planning Guide with Templates for your choice to use.
  • Self-Evaluation Log for monitoring your progress.