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Download:Critical Crossroads: Leadership Development and Performance Architecture” by Diane Foster and Anne Griswold

Skill Kit for Leaders Program

Experience our leadership competency-building program that supports you in:

  • Resourcing talent management with “real-time” concepts and activities that are adaptable to any culture and industry, small or large
  • Depth and breadth of reinforcement for developing leadership with a minimum of expense
  • Flexible delivery formats: Self-study (accessible from cell phones and homes); Individual coaching; group Coaching; Follow-on to leadership classes
  • Delivering validated material from best-in-class experts

Check the model to see all 42 Competencies Resourced

Great leadership behaviors that support high performance for critical missions and initiatives are built:

  • Aligning the leadership core competencies with the strategic intent and goals for business success
  • Insuring that they are driven with a strong consistent message across all facets of your organization
  • Insuring that resources are deployed through each aspect of your Talent Management system
  • With repetition of approach in behavioral “real-time” experiences.

The Skill Kit for Leaders (SKL) is designed to support the “inner game” of any leader in building competency in critical behaviors. Additionally, it reinforces your support solution for Talent Management by aiding leaders in understanding their own development within a larger strategic context. Frequently used behind a 360-degree process, SKL is based on normative data from Harvard’s leadership studies. You’ll find it:

  • Completely customizable to your unique needs and culture
  • Electronically-delivered and password protected
  • Completely accessible on any mobile device to be referenced anywhere
  • Easily delivered in group/individual coaching or through accountable self-study
  • Filled with skill-building, behavior-changing, “real-time” activities, video-clips, selected bibliography, and training opportunities
  • Evolved from over 25 years of work in leadership coaching and organization development coaching and consulting
  • Provides an experiential, activity-based approach for skill-building that marries with any training program
  • Includes tools to report and evaluate progress for customizable development plans and performance reviews
  • Cascades new leadership capacity for achieving business goals down through your organization

Gallup’s Global Study on Coaching

… of companies that have implemented strengths-based management practices found that 90% of the groups studied had performance increases at or above the following ranges:

  • 10%-19% increased sales
  • 14%-29% increased profit
  • 3%-7% increased customer engagement
  • 6%-16% lowered turnover (lower turnover organizations)
  • 26%-72% lowered turnover (high turnover organizations)
  • 9%-15% increased employee engagement
  • 22%-59% decreased safety incidents

Our results with the Core-Competency-Building program using the Skill Kit for Leaders reflect these results.

Take a look at why our SKL Program builds leadership for a High Performance Culture.