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The Leadership Development Program You Need
to Produce Extraordinary Results for Your Clients
or Within Your Organization

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  • Proven Leadership Development Skill-Building Tools for Coaches, Trainers, HR Professionals, and Leaders/Managers to Use with their Clients and Staff
  • Support Your Coaching Clients and Team Members with New Activities and Ideas on How to Practice Behavior Changes to Meet Individual and Organizational Goals


With Diane Foster’s Skill Kit for Leaders: “Real-Time” Resources for Building Leadership Competencies you gain instant access to 42 rich resource units and associated tools. This is a proven, successful structure and framework for a systems approach to talent management which builds leadership competencies in individuals and teams and cascades those improvements throughout an entire organization, positively impacting bottom-line results.

Each unit includes practice exercises, tips, videos, and recommended online resources for self-study or guided study for employees at any level in organizations of every size and every industry.

The program integrates well with any competency model: based on Harvard Leadership Studies and grown with Master Certified Coach and Certified Mentor Coach Diane Foster’s rich background and 25+ years of experience in leadership development

  • Ideal for EXECUTIVE COACHES and LEADERSHIP COACHES to use in their practices with clients as leadership development tools, resources, tips, new models, and ideas to build skills in various facets of leadership and management.
  • Ideal for MANAGERS and TRAINERS who want to implement new leadership development programs or complement their organization’s existing efforts; easily blends with/reinforces existing training material.
  • OR LICENSE AND CO-BRAND the entire Skill Kit for Leaders program and materials with your brand identity (with acknowledgement to Diane Foster as the author and program creator) and use and edit the materials as you see fit with organizations and clients, or resell it to others and realize 40% of the resale price.

Schedule a Complimentary
Leadership Strategy Session

with Diane Foster.

Explore how you can use
these 42 rich resource units and tools
to produce extraordinary results.

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, as in being able to remake ourselves.”
(Mahatma Gandhi)