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  • Gail Aldrich, Executive VP HR, and President, SHRM

    I have watched Diane work effectively in two organizations and have been impressed with her ability to intervene and help resolve complex organizational problems. She values and works harmoniously with a diverse group of professionals and is skilled at guiding them to more productive individual and group behaviors. Diane is always on the cutting edge Read More

  • Jocelyn Scarborough, VP of Human Resources CSAA and San Disk

    Diane enables those she works with to engage in ways that have not been the norm. She helped to stimulate the whole environment to learn, grow, and change.

  • John Peggau, Psy.D. President, Executive Coaching Associates, Inc

    I just wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you for all the hard work you did putting together the Skill Kit For Leaders! This is truly a priceless piece of work! What a tremendous tool you have created. I have not only been able to draw from your outlines for certain Read More

  • Ken Petron, Manager, Training and Organization Development, E.P.R.I.

    As an external consultant, Diane works with her H.R. colleagues in a true spirit of collaboration. With close attention to communication, she builds leverage for the internal staff and program.

  • Director, Project Manager Office, Health Plan of San Joaquin

    I wanted to take a minute and recognize how much your coaching and your Skill Kit units have meant not only to me but our IT Department’s Leadership team.  Our CIO introduced us to you and your Skill Kits for Leaders, as a way for us to look at building strengths in our leadership abilities.  Read More

  • Leo Simon, Financial Services Vice President

    I was extremely impressed with the way the program was designed, and the way you implemented it. I now know well what my priorities are, and how to go after them.

  • JoAnn Garner, BSI OPP Senior Project Manager, Blood Systems Inc.

    One of my direct reports targeted Delegating and Collaborating as focused IDP goals. After some initial doubt about the benefit of focusing on targeted skills, there has been observable improvement in demonstrated delegating and collaboration behavior. Co-workers on the team have also observed and commented on the individual’s increased skills since starting to use the Read More

  • MA Executive Coach and Certified Coach Facilitator

    I love the practicality of the “Skill Kit for Leaders” that you have developed for “real time” integration. You suggest tangible activities that a Manager/Leader can use immediately with their staff and you provide a wealth of resource materials — available through books and workshops and on the Internet, as well as videos on particular Read More

  • Collected Responses from Individual Director-Level clients who have worked with The Skill Kit for Leaders

    “The clarity and focus it allowed me to work on for goal-setting and strategies to put into practical practice.” “The many categories of skill-building information that are available and having them as a reference to use for personal and staff.” “Making space to focus on my needs – by doing this I was able to Read More

  • Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe, Executive Coach, and President Clear Intent Strategy, Inc.

    The Skill Kit for Leaders is packed with information and resources that leaders can use to understand and develop the skills and behaviors they need to succeed in our fast-paced and upwardly mobile world.  I particularly like that it is all there – detailed, accurate, and laid out for me to use rather than invent. Read More

  • Ann Polya, Ph.D.

    I highly recommend Diane Foster and her very well documented and excellent work to anyone who would like to advance in their personal or professional life. Her work is insightful and uplifting. And most importantly, she is a genuine, good hearted person who is always willing to learn and a delight to hear her insights Read More

  • Regional Manager, U.S. Department of Labor

    Can I share the resources you gave me on Listening and Communication from the Skill Kit with another Director who doesn’t have you as a coach? He really needs them too.

  • Claire V., EdD, MBA, SPHR, Human Resource Services, Indiana University

    Having been tasked with creating Talent Management tools for several organizations, I find the Skill Kit for Leaders to be a very integrated Talent Management approach that incorporates all the elements that truly support leaders in their development and the development of those that they lead. I have no doubt that this legacy project of Read More

  • https://diane-foster.com/wp-content/uploads/nadler.jpg

    Relly Nadler, Psy. D., Author, Leaders’ Playbook: How to Apply Emotional

    The Skill Kit for Leaders, by Diane Foster is one of the best collections of tools and activities I have seen for developing leadership. The 8 leadership roles and 34 skills to develop them, creates a treasure chest of gems sure to improve leadership at all levels.

  • Angus Laird, VP Membership, EPRI

    Diane is thorough, thoughtful, strategic, and deeply-involved when she is in “work” mode. I have genuine appreciation for the people knowledge she has and how effectively she applies it in very difficult change management and organizational development situations.   In addition, she has innovated some amazing diagnostic tools. She personally applies them and very skillfully Read More

  • Robbie White, Sr. Human Resources Assistant at Contra Costa County

    I went to an executive workshop at Haas titled “Leader as Coach”.  It was taught by a PhD along with his team.  Honestly, your Skill Kit for Leaders is much more useful than what I learned from the workshop.  The tool kit provides hands-on tools that can be used in so many areas. I don’t Read More

  • Division Director, Large Public Agency

    Thanks so much for the resources in your Skill Kit for Leaders units on Delegation, Team building, and Managing Change have given me. Very helpful!

  • Dr. Jeffrey E. Auerbach, President, College of Executive Coaching

    I’m immensely impressed with the Skill Kit for Leaders: Emotional Intelligence Module. Diane Foster has leveraged her extensive high level experience with coaching for emotional intelligence, into a highly practical, valuable toolkit for professional coaches.

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to discuss your current needs and begin customizing a package that will bring our proven results to insure your organization’s higher performance.

Download:Critical Crossroads: Leadership Development and Performance Architecture” by Diane Foster and Anne Griswold

Skill Kit for Leaders Program

Experience our leadership competency-building program that supports you in:

  • Resourcing talent management with “real-time” concepts and activities that are adaptable to any culture and industry, small or large
  • Depth and breadth of reinforcement for developing leadership with a minimum of expense
  • Flexible delivery formats: Self-study (accessible from cell phones and homes); Individual coaching; group Coaching; Follow-on to leadership classes
  • Delivering validated material from best-in-class experts

Check the model to see all 42 Competencies Resourced

Great leadership behaviors that support high performance for critical missions and initiatives are built:

  • Aligning the leadership core competencies with the strategic intent and goals for business success
  • Insuring that they are driven with a strong consistent message across all facets of your organization
  • Insuring that resources are deployed through each aspect of your Talent Management system
  • With repetition of approach in behavioral “real-time” experiences.

The Skill Kit for Leaders (SKL) is designed to support the “inner game” of any leader in building competency in critical behaviors. Additionally, it reinforces your support solution for Talent Management by aiding leaders in understanding their own development within a larger strategic context. Frequently used behind a 360-degree process, SKL is based on normative data from Harvard’s leadership studies. You’ll find it:

  • Completely customizable to your unique needs and culture
  • Electronically-delivered and password protected
  • Completely accessible on any mobile device to be referenced anywhere
  • Easily delivered in group/individual coaching or through accountable self-study
  • Filled with skill-building, behavior-changing, “real-time” activities, video-clips, selected bibliography, and training opportunities
  • Evolved from over 25 years of work in leadership coaching and organization development coaching and consulting
  • Provides an experiential, activity-based approach for skill-building that marries with any training program
  • Includes tools to report and evaluate progress for customizable development plans and performance reviews
  • Cascades new leadership capacity for achieving business goals down through your organization

A Skill Kit for Leaders Program

Your executive team has set a goal for building a more positive, high-performing work culture, that will address leadership development, and insure ROI.

Typical Package Includes:

  • DFA Strategic Partner meets with E-Team to determine proposal for roll-out, and costs: needs-assessment; competency modeling session; Skill Kit for Leaders (SKL) Competency-Based Panoramic Feedback 360 assessment for leaders, Corporate Coaching Clinic, training to implement a Coaching Culture, group coaching sessions on selected topics.
  • Purchases the Skill Kit for Leaders program on a user basis: vice presidents, directors, managers. Enterprise price discounts available
  • HR organization or DFA Strategic Partner lead review of Skill Kit for Leaders Program (SKL) features and benefits customized and designed to designated leader-candidates.
  • Names and contact information for all candidates is provided to DFA Strategic Partner for user Login set-up on web-site portal.
  • Skill Kit for Leaders Program (SKL) Welcome Letter which includes unique user password for downloading the SKL program, one-year access to all 42 leadership competency units including Support Tools: Road Map, Competency Definition List, Skills Analyzer Tool, Self-Study Guide, Development Plan Template, Evaluation Log.
  • Coaching Agenda is reviewed and supported by boss, or supplemental coach.
  • Each leader personalizes her/his Development Plan with their boss/or coach, using their choice of template from the SKL Tool Kit.
  • Track progress of development plans in the SKL Evaluation Log.
  • Re-run 360 Assessments at end of year.
  • Renewed annually at a substantially lower price to allow for changes in candidates.
  • Semi-yearly upgrades to SKL material.

Gallup’s Global Study on Coaching

… of companies that have implemented strengths-based management practices found that 90% of the groups studied had performance increases at or above the following ranges:

  • 10%-19% increased sales
  • 14%-29% increased profit
  • 3%-7% increased customer engagement
  • 6%-16% lowered turnover (lower turnover organizations)
  • 26%-72% lowered turnover (high turnover organizations)
  • 9%-15% increased employee engagement
  • 22%-59% decreased safety incidents

Our results with the Core-Competency-Building program using the Skill Kit for Leaders reflect these results.

Take a look at why our SKL Program builds leadership for a High Performance Culture.