• Judy Wade, Executive Talent Director, Wellpoint Healthcare

    Thank YOU, Diane!  I learned a lot from you in just three hours and really enjoyed our time together.  Thanks for being so generous with your toolkits and your time.  You went above and beyond for me.

  • Mary Wright

    Thanks for all your help. It will take me a while to digest all the information from today’s session! You have been instrumental in helping me focus – and move forward the action!

  • Mike Moran, Executive Coach

    Your work on the last day of the program was truly the highlight of the session.  It was so helpful to actually “see” coaching concepts that are difficult to grasp through a didactic presentation.  Most notably, I was able to see clearly the difference between the client’s desire for transformational change versus performance or skills […]

  • Anonymous

    Diane has a very open and engaging style of communication. She is very balanced in listening and offering ideas when asked. Diane helped me focus on the one key area I wanted to work on and helped me create specific actions in each session that further helped me test out my on behaviors. This helped […]

  • Rick Hancock, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

    As part of my application process for coach certification through ICF, Diane has reviewed my work as coach and supported me by clarifying essential differences between specific  ICF core competencies.  In particular, she highlighted key distinctions for me between skills required for “co-creating the relationship” and those for “advancing the action.”  I believe that the […]

  • Claire V., EdD, MBA, SPHR

    I specifically chose Diane Foster as my Mentor Coach because of her vast knowledge and experience in Organizational Development.  During the few months that spanned my work with her, Diane became a trusted partner and Coach as I went through a major job transition and move to another state. Diane is a very good listener […]

  • Shannon Jordan, Career Development Specialist, Qualcomm

    I truly enjoyed our coaching. You have a gift and I ended our sessions really appreciating both the insight and momentum I’ve gained in the last 6 months. Thanks again. P.S. Thank you as well for the ICF certification guidelines. I definitely have enough hours for the ACC if not the PCC, depending on how […]

  • Ph.D, Executive Coach Mentored by Diane

    Diane, I really want to thank you again for your time, expertise, guidance and sharing. Your coaching advice has permeated my mind in some subtle ways and I find thoughts and ideas from you floating gently into my mind during sessions now. I absorbed some stuff consciously from you, but it seems also subliminally, as […]

  • Ann Polya, President, The Polya Group, Author of Brain Fitness

    Thank you for your very useful mentor coaching –including your 5 step marketing plan and all our discussions that help me clarify what I am doing and set up tactics to get there. I find it less daunting to set overall strategies, but your queries and prompting helped me prune my niche coaching down to […]

  • Chuck Schroeder, Executive Coach, and former Executive Exelon Corporation

    As a senior executive, I was highly impressed with Diane’s abilities in her role as Mentor Coach during my coach training at the College of Executive Coaching. Her knowledge of the skill sets required for coaching is impressive and she demonstrated the use of these skills in developing new executive coaches. I definitely recommend her […]

  • Cindy Charlton, Executive Coach

    Diane, I wanted you to be aware that my client did not give up…got clarity around her motivation and continued to work on many things.  You and your work were a big part of this, and so I wanted you to know about your impact.  Thanks for your help with this client  and your guidance..it […]

  • Francine Ward, ESQ.

    Diane is a coach’s coach. I used her to get through a challenge and found her style similiar to my coaching style–direct, to the point, yet caring. If you are looking for someone who really cares about helping you get to a different place, yet unwilling to play games, then Diane is for you.

Call Diane 510-865-3695
to discuss how DFA can meet your need for a Mentor Coach — for ICF Credential qualification or relative to just improving your own coaching. Contact Diane Foster to discuss your needs and begin customizing a package.

mentor_coachingMentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching from a successful, seasoned, leadership expert with experience in every industry, a variety of tools, and practice development is an invaluable resource. Diane Foster has trained hundreds of executive coaches looking to implement leadership development with a bigger systems impact and internal coaches and other human resource professionals wanting to build a high-performing work cultures.. Her certification as a Master Coach qualifies your mentoring hours towards an ICF Credential.

External Executive Coaches
Learn how to use the successful Skill Kit for Leaders program to build a coaching culture and bring a whole systems talent management solution to increase the strength of the leaders you are coaching. You will also have the opportunity to become a DFA Strategic Partner earning dividends by selling the Skill Kit for Leaders, a successful, electronically delivered, leadership competency.

Internal HR Professionals
Learn to build a “Coaching Culture” and to use the Skill Kit for Leaders program to insure your leaders achieve bottom-line results. Your mentor will assist in a successful implementation of a systems approach to leadership competency development and talent management, and improve your coaching skills.

Mentor Coaching

Each Client is unique. Diane will work with you to develop a customized package to fit your needs and optimize your results.
Typical Packages May Include:

One x one Mentor Coaching for ICF Certification:
  • 5-10 sessions (cost determined hourly)
  • Complimentary Intake Interview
  • Intake form
  • Marketing material review for coaching practice
  • Assessment of Abilities, EQi, Personality
  • Review of all previous assessment work, including performance reviews and coaching evaluations
  • Review of objectives and vision
  • Review of ICF Core Competencies
  • Preparation for Coach Knowledge Assessment exam
  • Review of client tapes for submission to ICF
  • Establishing measures of success
  • Evaluation of success
Mentor Coaching for HR Business Leaders & Partners:
This coaching is connected to the organization’s purchase of The Skill Kit for Leaders program and the price is quoted depending on size of organization and number of leaders involved.