• Participant in first class offered in “Facilitating Real-Time Results.” 

    I really appreciated this class.  Learning more about coaching from Diane and other experienced coaches was great. The system Diane has created is solid.

  • Shelley Russi, 3rd Side Coaching

    Where extraordinary meets practical, Diane Foster’s “Facilitating Results” workshop series has been transformative. The SKL program and the competency modeling has created a shift in my point of view of how to approach coaching as a practice – both personal and in the business setting. The leadership tools provided are immediately useful, time-tested and relevant in changing behavior. Diane does an excellent job in keeping the workshop focused on getting results with leaders and also engages you in your own deepening of the competencies discussed.

  • Tracy Akresh, Unpacking the Box – Leadership Coaching

    Diane has an abundance of knowledge, wisdom, and experience based on both her research and her years of experience working directly with the most senior leaders at top companies. Facilitating “Real Time” Results for Leadership is a great opportunity for any executive coach who wants to improve through collaborative coaching with other exceptional coaches and through integrating comprehensive, leadership coaching collateral from Diane’s Skill Kit for Leaders library. Don’t miss this fun and effective coach training experience!

  • Darla Branda, MA, RHIA | Faculty Lead Health Information Management

    The course not only prepared me for coaching leaders, it also illuminated opportunities for personal and professional growth. The course included an abundance of scholarly resources that are practical, current, and relevant.  I have gleaned a new perspective on coaching leaders through the SKL Leadership Development Program.

  • Debra Valle, MCC

    This was a very rich experience and exciting format. I highly recommend that Diane Foster’s course on “Facilitating Real-Time Results” be required for any coach working with leaders on their development, but especially those coaches considering stepping into the C-Suite.

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Explore Tools and Techniques to Boost Your Coaching Effectiveness So You Can Facilitate “Real Time” Results  for Leadership Competency Development

Leaders Learning

  • Understand how you can really support your leader-clients with advanced coaching skills.
  • Increase your “book of business” for coaching leaders in virtually any type of organization.

Facilitated by DIANE FOSTER,
Certified Master Coach and OD Consultant

Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 12:00 NOON PDT

As a participant in this FREE WEBINAR, you’ll learn:

  • How a Master Certified Mentor Coach works to coach leaders to build “Coaching Cultures” for higher performance, positive cultures, and alignment for ROI across any organization.
  • How to get deeper client commitment and how you can better support their success with your coaching by use of strategic tools and robust resources from Diane Foster’s “Skill Kit for Leaders” (SKL).

All participants also receive a:

  • Complimentary, robust resource unit on a Leadership Competency from Diane Foster’s “Skill Kit for Leaders.”
  • Complimentary article on “Coaching for High-Performance with Emotional Intelligence,” a case study of how Diane Foster used her model to mentor internal coaches and double productivity in the targeted leaders’ offices at the US Dept. of Labor.

Register Now—It’s Easy and It’s Free

  • Delivered globally via ZOOM Video Conference, 12:00 Noon to 1:00 pm, Thursday, June 28, 2018 (all you need is a Web browser and Internet connection).
  • Limited to the first 25 participants.