• Yolanda Wisher, Executive Director, Mural Arts

    My staff always knew when I had a coaching session coming up and they looked forward to it as much as I did.  They knew how much it fortified and empowered me.  Diane’s wisdom and guidance helped me to navigate a difficult time–being new to an organization and new to an industry.  She was such […]

  • Bill Schubert, CEO, The Kitchell Corporation

    Thanks for bringing positive changes to Kitchell and to my career and leadership style.  You’ve done a great job!

  • Donna Fisher, Chief Manufacturing Executive, American Red Cross Biomedical Services

    I cannot thank you enough for the work we did together over that 9 month period. It remains invaluable to me, but yes, there is no further funding for executive coaching for an executive who is doing really well! I continue to apply and use the skills and behaviors we worked together to improve and […]

  • Edward Chan, VP and General manager, CA State Automobile Association

    Diane Foster has a strategic outlook, while tactically she is a good catalyst for keeping projects moving and as needed uses her considerable skills in bridge building.

  • Executive Team Member, Kitchell Corporation

    Diane Foster has been “organizational coach” to the Kitchell Corporation for over 3 years.  Her work has supported the Leadership program that made the front page of the Wall Street Journal. We are grateful for her insight and ability to translate it corporate wide.

  • Gina Koenig, Research Leader, Roche Molecular Systems

    Diane has great insight into how personality types affect professional interactions. She helped me learn how to be successful as a leader in working with personality types different from my own. She analyzed my strengths and weaknesses and gave me tools to increase my awareness, presence and patience. I highly recommend Diane as a Master […]

  • Kay Crull, Executive Vice President

    Heaven knows how I will cope without the security of knowing I can call you for a couple sessions when things were getting rough! I feel so much better prepared to manage this complex environment with the leadership skills you helped me develop. My enduring thanks!

  • Krystal Banfield, Ph.D., Senior Director, Berklee College of Music

    Thank you so much Diane! Your teachings have been a great help and made a significant impact on my work and life.

  • William F. Claggett, Former Director of CEDA for the City of Oakland

    As the new Executive director of the community and Economic Development Agency (CEDA) for the City of Oakland, I inherited a great many civil service dis-empowered systems, and a culture of “entitlement”.  The agency embraced diverse functions with a large staff of nearly 400 people operating in 15 “silos”.  My direct reports were not used […]

Assessment Tools

Emotional Intelligence

EQ-I 2.0 Sample Leadership Report
EQ-i 2.0/360 for Executives Presentation
EQ-i 2.0/360 for Executives Sample Report

Highland’s Ability Battery for Career Management

Leadership Sample Report

Panoramic Feedback 360 Degree/Multi-Rater

Leadership Sample Report
The Skill Kit for Leaders 360 Assessment Report

Pearman /MBTI Personality Integrator Report

Pearman Leadership Sample Report
Pearman Leadership Sample Report with Eqi-2.0

Call Diane 510-865-3695
to discuss how DFA can your current needs, and learn how Executive Coaching can help support your organization. Contact Diane Foster to discuss your needs and begin customizing a package.

exec_coachingExecutive Coaching

Leaders eliminate problems and achieve focused goals, seizing opportunities with “real-time” strategies-and new competencies that yield measurable outcomes with minimal time invested. An Executive Coach can help you transition from functional success in a lackluster position to true leadership with promise of growth. Partner with a seasoned coach to identify your goals and develop a personalized plan customized to achieve your desired growth through new, outside-the-box solution-finding challenges.

Executive Coaching

Each Client is unique. Diane will work with you to develop a customized package to fit your needs and optimize your results.

Typical Packages May Include:

Single Leader:
  • Six, nine or twelve months duration
  • Two 60-90 minute sessions each month
  • Individual “Intake” session to set goals and agenda
  • Access to Skill Kit for Leaders which includes 42 competency-building resource units
  • Review of assessments, performance reviews, resumes, and bios
  • Development Plan from internal 360 feedback, 360 degree assessment, and Highlands Ability Assessment, EQi 2.0, and Pearman Personality Integrator available
  • Beginning engagement meeting and/or CEO for feedback on Development Plan
  • Quick coaching between sessions via e-mails or phone
  • Templates , speeches, and document reviews
  • Observation and feedback of client with team or stakeholders
  • Regular evaluation of progress
  • Personal assessment packages requested by client
  • Mid-program and final engagement meetings with sponsor
Group Coaching for Senior Managers/Leaders using the Skill Kit for Leaders Program
  • Two “Action-Learning” sessions each month for 1.5 hours
  • 360 Assessment or stakeholder iterviews
  • Organizational or Team Survey
  • Individual Orientation intake-interviews with each member leader
  • Individual review of Skill Kit for Leaders’
  • Set up of individual development plans
  • Team competency modeling session to determine core competencies unique to team/organization
  • Group Coaching by Master Coach on “Real-Time” issues relevant to your team – amplified by case-studies, power-point presentations, facilitated interaction and feedback from team-members on core competency issues
  • Set-up for peer coaching between sessions
  • Stakeholder “Feed-forward” progress evaluation
  • Evaluation Log review on progress
  • Final Evaluation Meeting with sponsor