• Gina Koenig, Research Leader, Roche Molecular Systems

    Diane has great insight into how personality types affect professional interactions. She helped me learn how to be successful as a leader in working with personality types different from my own. She analyzed my strengths and weaknesses and gave me tools to increase my awareness, presence and patience. I highly recommend Diane as a Master […]

  • Kay Crull, Executive Vice President

    Heaven knows how I will cope without the security of knowing I can call you for a couple sessions when things were getting rough! I feel so much better prepared to manage this complex environment with the leadership skills you helped me develop. My enduring thanks!

  • Krystal Banfield, Ph.D., Senior Director, Berklee College of Music

    Thank you so much Diane! Your teachings have been a great help and made a significant impact on my work and life.

  • William F. Claggett, Former Director of CEDA for the City of Oakland

    As the new Executive director of the community and Economic Development Agency (CEDA) for the City of Oakland, I inherited a great many civil service dis-empowered systems, and a culture of “entitlement”.  The agency embraced diverse functions with a large staff of nearly 400 people operating in 15 “silos”.  My direct reports were not used […]

  • Yolanda Wisher, Executive Director, Mural Arts

    My staff always knew when I had a coaching session coming up and they looked forward to it as much as I did.  They knew how much it fortified and empowered me.  Diane’s wisdom and guidance helped me to navigate a difficult time–being new to an organization and new to an industry.  She was such […]

  • Bill Schubert, CEO, The Kitchell Corporation

    Thanks for bringing positive changes to Kitchell and to my career and leadership style.  You’ve done a great job!

  • Donna Fisher, Chief Manufacturing Executive, American Red Cross Biomedical Services

    I cannot thank you enough for the work we did together over that 9 month period. It remains invaluable to me, but yes, there is no further funding for executive coaching for an executive who is doing really well! I continue to apply and use the skills and behaviors we worked together to improve and […]

  • Edward Chan, VP and General manager, CA State Automobile Association

    Diane Foster has a strategic outlook, while tactically she is a good catalyst for keeping projects moving and as needed uses her considerable skills in bridge building.

  • Executive Team Member, Kitchell Corporation

    Diane Foster has been “organizational coach” to the Kitchell Corporation for over 3 years.  Her work has supported the Leadership program that made the front page of the Wall Street Journal. We are grateful for her insight and ability to translate it corporate wide.

Assessment Tools

Emotional Intelligence

EQ-I 2.0 Sample Leadership Report
EQ-i 2.0/360 for Executives Presentation
EQ-i 2.0/360 for Executives Sample Report

Highland’s Ability Battery for Career Management

Leadership Sample Report

Panoramic Feedback 360 Degree/Multi-Rater

Leadership Sample Report
The Skill Kit for Leaders 360 Assessment Report

Pearman /MBTI Personality Integrator Report

Pearman Leadership Sample Report
Pearman Leadership Sample Report with Eqi-2.0

Call Diane 510-865-3695
to discuss how DFA can your current needs, and learn how Executive Coaching can help support your organization. Contact Diane Foster to discuss your needs and begin customizing a package.

exec_coachingExecutive Coaching

Leaders eliminate problems and achieve focused goals, seizing opportunities with “real-time” strategies-and new competencies that yield measurable outcomes with minimal time invested. An Executive Coach can help you transition from functional success in a lackluster position to true leadership with promise of growth. Partner with a seasoned coach to identify your goals and develop a personalized plan customized to achieve your desired growth through new, outside-the-box solution-finding challenges.

Executive Coaching

Each Client is unique. Diane will work with you to develop a customized package to fit your needs and optimize your results.

Typical Packages May Include:

Single Leader:
  • Six, nine or twelve months duration
  • Two 60-90 minute sessions each month
  • Individual “Intake” session to set goals and agenda
  • Access to Skill Kit for Leaders which includes 42 competency-building resource units
  • Review of assessments, performance reviews, resumes, and bios
  • Development Plan from internal 360 feedback, 360 degree assessment, and Highlands Ability Assessment, EQi 2.0, and Pearman Personality Integrator available
  • Beginning engagement meeting and/or CEO for feedback on Development Plan
  • Quick coaching between sessions via e-mails or phone
  • Templates , speeches, and document reviews
  • Observation and feedback of client with team or stakeholders
  • Regular evaluation of progress
  • Personal assessment packages requested by client
  • Mid-program and final engagement meetings with sponsor
Group Coaching for Senior Managers/Leaders using the Skill Kit for Leaders Program
  • Two “Action-Learning” sessions each month for 1.5 hours
  • 360 Assessment or stakeholder iterviews
  • Organizational or Team Survey
  • Individual Orientation intake-interviews with each member leader
  • Individual review of Skill Kit for Leaders’
  • Set up of individual development plans
  • Team competency modeling session to determine core competencies unique to team/organization
  • Group Coaching by Master Coach on “Real-Time” issues relevant to your team – amplified by case-studies, power-point presentations, facilitated interaction and feedback from team-members on core competency issues
  • Set-up for peer coaching between sessions
  • Stakeholder “Feed-forward” progress evaluation
  • Evaluation Log review on progress
  • Final Evaluation Meeting with sponsor