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studentStudent Assessment For Career Choices

Choose Your Career
Preparing for a success in the world of work or for a career can be difficult and nerve wracking. Choosing course work that is most appropriate for your unique needs can save you precious time and money.

We are proud to offer the “best-in-class” assessments for identifying where your abilities, motivated skills, interests, and personal style can lead.

highlandwheelOur Process Guarantees:

  • You will build an understanding of your natural strengths and abilities and can therefore choose a major or minor that matches.
  • You will be coached by a certified expert with years of experience in career management assessment, organizational coaching and teaching for both high school and college level students.
  • You will understand whether you have the innate strengths to grow in a college environment, no matter how you performed in high school.
  • You will avoid feeling inadequate at the end of four years of college.

Our Assessment Packages and Process

1. The Highlands Ability Battery Package. This 3.5 hour online highly validated tool assesses your natural abilities and then links your profile to all appropriate jobs and careers. Find out what requirements are for success in any field that matches your abilities, including what course work or degrees will get you there. Includes small interest assessment.

Certified Master Coach, Diane Foster, M.A., Career Development, will support you. She brings years of experience in career development for people of all ages, a life-time California teaching credential and work in high schools as a teacher and counselor, and 30 years of work as an executive and organization coach with leaders in every industry.

Highlands Package Price: $550 includes:

  • 30 minute “intake” session;
  • Complete Access to Highlands Ability Battery Assessment Instrument;
  • 2 one-hour coaching sessions using your Highlands Ability Battery Profile.
2. Uncovering Motivated Skills, Interests and Personal Style:

These are sessions to support bringing all facets of an individual to greater awareness for improved selection of how to best prepare and align with the world of work. Each session incorporates tools and is devoted to feedback integration and “next steps”.

  • Motivated Skills: Working to determine what skills have already been developed and how these might be best used. How do your motivated skills align with your Highlands Ability information? Session fee: $250
  • Interests and Values: Supports clarifying how your interests determine your success and how they align with your abilities and motivated skills. Session fee: $250
  • Your Personal Style: Incorporates assessment and delivery of the Myers Briggs Personal Syle Indicator. Coaching on challenges and opportunities for working with your style in the world of work. Session fee: $350
  • Your Emotional Intelligence: Incorporates assessment and delivery of EQi 2.0 Assessment tool. Coaching on challenges and opportunities for use of your EI/EQ in alignment with different roles in the world of work. Session fee: $350

We Offer:

  • Career assessment and profiling for high school student and parents
  • Group coaching career assessment and profiling for high school students at the school site
  • Career assessment and profiling coaching for college students