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Regional Vice President, VCA Animal Hospitals, Inc.

Thank you once again for your words of wisdom.  It’s sometimes hard for me to articulate what I’m grappling with, but you seem to get it and are able to help redirect me.  I guess that’s why you’re good at what you do!

Cary Litchford, IT Professional and Entrepreneur

I happily give the Highland Ability Battery (HAB) my highest recommendation for any individual interested in learning about all aspects of their career aptitudes and professional potential. Personally, I took this exam as a career professional having spent more than 30 years within the same industry, Information Technology. The results were a mixture of validation […]

Samara Julie Cummins

Taking the Highlands Ability Battery through Diane Foster brought me clarity about what’s next in my career. The results not only reinforced what I already believed about my innate abilities, but also gave me a more nuanced understanding of myself, increasing my confidence in my own strengths. The detailed report from Highlands provided valuable insight […]

Max Diamond, Millennial in Search of a Career Path

I had the pleasure of meeting with Diane to discuss strategies for a career transition and general action planning. During the course of our meetings, she helped clarify next steps I could take to research potential job roles I could pursue in my field as well as in new industries. She enabled me to develop […]

Charles Eilhardt, Consulting Engineer

After retiring from a long career with my company, I was requested to return and share my experience by teaching courses to our clients.  The prospect was exciting but also daunting, since I had no formal teaching experience.  Diane provided me with resources to develop my speaking and presentation skills, resulting in a deeper understanding of my […]

Bernard Asieu, HR Manager, City of Colorado Springs

My career transition coaching conversations with Diane were enjoyable and productive– I felt energized and excited to jump into the hard work of career planning. I see a night/day difference between what I could have done on my own and what I was able to accomplish with Diane’s help!


I knocked on your door a couple of months ago and my life changed. I was hoping for some clarity around my career and I got so much more. You showed me the way to open my heart to find the answers I’ve been looking for. What an incredible gift! Thank you for touching my […]

Director, Managed Health Care Organization

I was in crisis.  Working with Diane helped me stabilize my position so I could continue in management.  She had excellent resources to bring to my situation and used various modalities, that worked on my leadership skills, learning style, and how to manage people.  She helped me see how I could really fit into my […]

Lauren Goldman, Travel Agency Director

My situation was one which may easily be described as midlife crisis.  No more job satisfaction, raising of family, or any deep sense of fulfillment to replace an active and exciting career and the ardor of single parenting.  Having experienced great burnout and total workaholism as the downside of my journey, I was certainly in […]

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exec_coachingAdult Career Management

At Diane Foster & Associates, we work with leaders and career transitioners of many ages and backgrounds with best-in-class certified tools. These tools and our experience work together to empower you to clarify your vision and decision-making!

Career Alignment Assessment and Profiling
Choose this package and you will receive an assessment package tailored to your specific needs, and tailored coaching sessions that assist you in making positive decisions for your career future. Upon completion, you will receive a profile that highlights critical feedback that can be applied in your job research and in marketing your self.

highlandwheelAt Diane Foster & Associates, we work with leaders and career transitioners of many ages and backgrounds with best-in-class certified tools. These tools and our experience work together to empower you to clarify your vision and decision-making!

Overcoming Obstacles in Advancing Your Career
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