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Career Design Guide

We like this career-planning workbook because it is so well-researched and allows our clients to use it at their own pace.  It supports your self-assessment of your values, interests, and motivated skills and then gives you steps to analyze what this can mean in your work life.

The Guide has two critical sections — In Part 1, “Personal Assessment,” you will:

  • Complete three inventories that will help you learn more about your Interests, Values, and Motivated Skills
  • Learn how your results integrate into Patterns. Patterns are a framework which summarizes the interaction between personal preferences and the work environment, work style, occupations and leisure pursuits that align with them
  • Evaluate how satisfied you are with the degree to which your identified preferences are present in your current work and life

In Part 2, you Apply your Assessment Results

  • Consider market realities that may have an impact on your career
  • A guided process explores career trends and market realities and suggests ways users can gather information needed in these areas for making career decisions
  • A practical step-by-step planning model incorporates personal and market realities and leads users to select the best direction for them.
  • A focused and targeted planning process incorporates development strategies and resource use.
  • Understand how to integrate and apply these realities and your personal information into meaningful development plans