Director of Nursing, California Pacific Medical Center

Diane, thanks, again, for facilitating our retreat last Friday. I believe it was a big step towards building a stronger leadership team! My hope is that that kind of dialogue can continue and we learn more about what each of us brings to the table. In addition, I believe learning more about each of our […]

MA Executive Coach and Certified Coach Facilitator

I love the practicality of the “Skill Kit for Leaders” that you have developed for “real time” integration. You suggest tangible activities that a Manager/Leader can use immediately with their staff and you provide a wealth of resource materials — available through books and workshops and on the Internet, as well as videos on particular […]

Director, Large Telecommunications firm

Truly appreciate all your help.  Your caring nature serves us well in creating an environment of acceptance and valuing of differences.  Plus, you are obviously quite knowledgeable on the MBTI Team-Building tool.  Combined, these traits convey a certain “mastery” and enable better learning.  We’re used to seeing a “teaching through sharing of data” approach that […]

Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe, Executive Coach, and President Clear Intent Strategy, Inc.

The Skill Kit for Leaders is packed with information and resources that leaders can use to understand and develop the skills and behaviors they need to succeed in our fast-paced and upwardly mobile world.  I particularly like that it is all there – detailed, accurate, and laid out for me to use rather than invent. […]

Director, Large Telecommunications firm

Thought yesterday’s session was very helpful in the process of understanding other team member’s needs in a context that we have never explored before.

Regional Manager, U.S. Department of Labor

Can I share the resources you gave me on Listening and Communication from the Skill Kit with another Director who doesn’t have you as a coach? He really needs them too.

Division Director, Electric Power and Research Institute

Hi Diane! I talked with Bill about the results of the meeting to investigate the possibility of a DSO advisory-type group. Bill said that it was the best meeting he’s ever attended! He said that prior to the meeting there were some marked disagreements in some cases about structure and responsibilities, that moved to consensus […]

Relly Nadler, Psy. D., Author, Leaders’ Playbook: How to Apply Emotional

The Skill Kit for Leaders, by Diane Foster is one of the best collections of tools and activities I have seen for developing leadership. The 8 leadership roles and 34 skills to develop them, creates a treasure chest of gems sure to improve leadership at all levels.

Division Director, Large Public Agency

Thanks so much for the resources in your Skill Kit for Leaders units on Delegation, Team building, and Managing Change have given me. Very helpful!

Robbie White, Sr. Human Resources Assistant at Contra Costa County

I went to an executive workshop at Haas titled “Leader as Coach”.  It was taught by a PhD along with his team.  Honestly, your Skill Kit for Leaders is much more useful than what I learned from the workshop.  The tool kit provides hands-on tools that can be used in so many areas. I don’t […]

Max Diamond, Millennial in Search of a Career Path

I had the pleasure of meeting with Diane to discuss strategies for a career transition and general action planning. During the course of our meetings, she helped clarify next steps I could take to research potential job roles I could pursue in my field as well as in new industries. She enabled me to develop […]

Dr. Jeffrey E. Auerbach, President, College of Executive Coaching

I’m immensely impressed with the Skill Kit for Leaders: Emotional Intelligence Module. Diane Foster has leveraged her extensive high level experience with coaching for emotional intelligence, into a highly practical, valuable toolkit for professional coaches.

William F. Claggett, Former Director of CEDA for the City of Oakland

As the new Executive director of the community and Economic Development Agency (CEDA) for the City of Oakland, I inherited a great many civil service dis-empowered systems, and a culture of “entitlement”.  The agency embraced diverse functions with a large staff of nearly 400 people operating in 15 “silos”.  My direct reports were not used […]

Charles Eilhardt, Consulting Engineer

After retiring from a long career with my company, I was requested to return and share my experience by teaching courses to our clients.  The prospect was exciting but also daunting, since I had no formal teaching experience.  Diane provided me with resources to develop my speaking and presentation skills, resulting in a deeper understanding of my […]

Edward Chan, VP and General manager, CA State Automobile Association

Diane Foster has a strategic outlook, while tactically she is a good catalyst for keeping projects moving and as needed uses her considerable skills in bridge building.

Andrea Youngdahl, Director, Human Services Agency, City of Oakland

Diane’s coaching work not only supported me in developing my own leadership and communication style with my team and peers, but she and her team supported my whole executive team to achieve better performance in their roles.  She is a great coach and good thinker, and has created a good team of coaches so that […]

Executive Team Member, Kitchell Corporation

Diane Foster has been “organizational coach” to the Kitchell Corporation for over 3 years.  Her work has supported the Leadership program that made the front page of the Wall Street Journal. We are grateful for her insight and ability to translate it corporate wide.

Angus Laird, VP Membership, EPRI

Diane is thorough, thoughtful, strategic, and deeply-involved when she is in “work” mode. I have genuine appreciation for the people knowledge she has and how effectively she applies it in very difficult change management and organizational development situations.   In addition, she has innovated some amazing diagnostic tools. She personally applies them and very skillfully […]

Gail Aldrich, Executive VP HR, and President, SHRM

I have watched Diane work effectively in two organizations and have been impressed with her ability to intervene and help resolve complex organizational problems. She values and works harmoniously with a diverse group of professionals and is skilled at guiding them to more productive individual and group behaviors. Diane is always on the cutting edge […]

Barbara, Team Member, Electric Power and Research Institute

Because of Diane Foster’s MBTI sessions, I understand why my coworkers act the way they do, and I’ve learned to understand my reactions and my feelings towards them. It’s been tremendously helpful to me to draw upon this information in difficult deciosn-making situations. Being included in Diane’s MBTI team-building sessions was the best thing my […]

Jocelyn Scarborough, VP of Human Resources CSAA and San Disk

Diane enables those she works with to engage in ways that have not been the norm. She helped to stimulate the whole environment to learn, grow, and change.


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance you have been giving to our middle management group in becoming a more effective team. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation is, in many ways, a unique organization facing continuing challenges. I am impressed with how quickly you have tuned in to our group’s […]

Ken Petron, Manager, Training and Organization Development, E.P.R.I.

As an external consultant, Diane works with her H.R. colleagues in a true spirit of collaboration. With close attention to communication, she builds leverage for the internal staff and program.

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